The auction is over, but we still need your help!     

Please help us continue to raise funds for Fund-a-Need, the PFC program that directs 100 percent of the proceeds raised to support a specific program at our school. This year's Fund-a-Need supports music education, and pays for sheet music, instruments, music lessons, rental scholarships, guest performances at the school, field trips and music teacher training.  

Parent party signups are still live, too! 

If you haven't bought yourself a slot at one of this year's fun parent parties (or a teacher party for the kids!), sign up using the links on the left. This year's parties include a massive hoedown in June, with hay bales, mac and cheese, square dancing and and good old good time. Sign up to hear an amazing talk by a woman who grew up with Einstein, go for Cocktails and Croquet, or sign the kids up for a "Magic: The Gathering" and pizza party, a VIP kids party hosted by Steve & Kate's Camp, Bingo night and many more. 

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